Bears in our Care

Henry was born on May 9, 2013 at Sea World Gold Coast in Australia, where both his parents live. His mother, Liya, was born in the Leningrad Zoo in Russia in December of 2000. His father, Nelson, was orphaned in the province of Québec as a cub, and he is thought to have been born in December of 2003.  Henry stayed with his mother until he was two years old, at which time she started to push him away which is a natural behaviour in polar bears. He was separated from his mother in August of 2015, and in October, he completed the long trip from Australia to his new home in Canada.

Henry is still considered a young cub and while he is only 640lbs, we expect him to grow to approximately 1000lbs. by the time he turns 6-7 years old. He is a very exuberant bear and tries to engage Ganuk in play fights fairly often. He also is another big fan of watermelon!

Ganuk, meaning ‘snowflake’ in the Inuktitut language, was born in captivity on November 20. 2009 at the Zoo Sauvage in St-Felicien, Québec with his twin sister Taiga. Ganuk’s dad is Inukshuk and his mother is Aisaqvak. He and his sister moved to the Aquarium of Québec in 2011. Ganuk was moved to our facility in 2012 and is owned by the Toronto Zoo.

Ganuk weighs between 900-1100lbs. In the summer he eats apples, pears, carrots, sweet potatoes, honeydew, blueberries, and fish but his absolute favourite is watermelon! His winter diet consists of Mackerel, moose meat, and some seal.

Inukshuk was born in Northern Ontario and rescued when he was four months old in Fort Severn after his mother was shot. He was brought to the Toronto Zoo for a year, then transferred to Zoo Sauvage in St Felicien, Quebec. There he bred with Aisaaqvak and fathered Ganuk and his twin sister Taiga. Inukshuk has also fathered three other cubs with mother Aurora – Hudson, Humphrey and Juno. He has spent time at both Toronto Zoo and the Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat since 2012.

Inukshuk’s weight ranges from 900-1200 lbs. He enjoys eating mackerel, moose, seal and is the only bear we’ve had so far that actually likes beaver!  In summer, lettuce and watermelon give Inukshuk a cool treat without adding calories.  Inukshuk is highly intelligent and enjoys complicated enrichments and training.

Taiga is Ganuk’s twin sister, and Inukshuk’s daughter. She was born in 2009 and is staying with us while her accommodations at the Quebec Aquarium are being renovated. She is a very sociable bear, always keen to see who is visiting her.

Eddy is now the most senior bear at the Habitat. He was born in 1999 at the Quebec Zoo, and he is staying with us while his accommodations at the Quebec Aquarium are being renovated.

The Bears in Action


The bears never have a shortage of new and exciting enrichment’s to play with. This stack of hard hats took Henry by surprise when they finally came apart on him.


Ganuk saw the pool and couldn’t resist jumping in for a swim. Henry couldn’t let him swim all alone and decided to keep him company!


Inukshuk decided it was his turn for a swim in the pool and spent his time flipping around underwater with his toys!


Watch as Ganuk the Polar Bear takes his time as he eats a very healthy snack just a few feet away from guests!

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